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Campaign Success

When you take part in a walk, our collective voice becomes harder to ignore, and a future where everyone has clean drinking water and safe sanitation can come closer to being a reality.

In the last two years, the World Walks for Water and Sanitation has really gone from strength to strength, with hundreds of thousands walking – and lots of crucial political advocacy taking place beyond the walks. Below are just a few examples of the campaign's most recent successes:

  • In Zambia, specific, monetised commitments were made to improve WASH throughout the Luapula Province, while the government agreed to support and normalise the Human Right to Water and Sanitation.
  • The first ever CSO campaign on WASH in Dhaka’s slums took place in Bangladesh. Groups worked with slum-dwellers to discuss local WASH issues and took their demands to slum duty bearers and city water authorities.
  • In Liberia, the government received a 90-day ultimatum to establish a WASH Commission – something agreed at the Liberia WASH Compact in 2011.
  • In Pakistan, members in Khairpur demanded the immediate preparation of provincial safe drinking water and sanitation policies, following delays.
  • A breakthrough in Imo State, Nigeria, where campaigners met state officials for the first time and received firm assures of the State Governor’s commitment to the human right.
  • The government were called to account in Mexico, for legislating in a manner contrary to the principles of human rights and ignoring international agreements.

You can read a full evaluation of 2015's World Walks for Water and Sanitation here.


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